Punyakarma (Noble Deed) Fodder Donation Centre, the first of its kind, was launched in Jambhulani village. It is also the first centre to be run by women. It began on 6th May 2019.

Every time someone called the owner’s name, a woman would come forward and take the fodder. I was knocked down! I mean, all the animals are owned by the men of that house and all the animals are being raised here by the woman of that house …! In fact, in rural areas, women are more likely to take care of the house and livestock. This is a very sad reality.

The fodder canopy in Jambhulani is a four to five kilometer pipeline through the hills and valleys every day to fetch the animals. Only women took the initiative.
In this fodder canopy, the animals are registered in the name of the woman concerned. In this center, only women are handling all the responsibilities like fodder management, water management, sanitation management, accumulation expenses, etc. About 80 to 100 animals come to the place every day to eat fodder and all the arrangements for the fodder canopy are done by the local women.

Vaishali Dattu Mudhe has taken the important responsibility of supplying five thousand litres of water per day for this fodder center and all the responsibilities have been shared by the women as follows. Hon. Janabai Eknath Ghutugade (Expense management), Hon. Hirabai Dada Ghutugade (Supervisor), Hon. Vaishali Shahaji Ghutugade (Helper), Hon. Suvarna Prakash Tarange (Helper)

An atmosphere of camaraderie should be created in the troubled family. The hard work of women who have saved the world in the face of adversity should be appreciated. We are trying to make this innovative fodder umbrella successful under the guidance of Hon’ble Suvarna Khandelwal-Joshi and under the guidance of Bhai Sampatrao Pawar. It is a humble request that people should support for this.

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