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Bhai Sampatrao Pawar


Sampatrao Pawar has actively participated in various social movements. He was part of Mukti Sangharsh Movement aimed at getting fair wages for farm labours. In 1983, Sampatrao dedicated himself towards Baliraja Dam movement, that was to be built by people's corporation and soon the connections between excavation of sand from riverbeds. He is the who initiated planting of the whole forest named Krantismritiwan- in the memory of freedom fighters. He has come into the limelight by Baliraja Dam Project and Kranti Smritiwan project.

          Bhai Sampatrao Pawar born on June 1, 1942, in the family atmosphere of varkari samprday. He has a great influence of Prtisrkar and Satyashodhak movements on his life. His father Bhai Govindrao Pawar was an active participant in the freedom struggle under the leadership of Krantisinh Nana Patil. After independence, he worked with shetakri kamgar Party for the betterment of farmers and labourers. By being grown up in such a socially sensitive atmosphere, Bhai Sampatrao always stood up for poor and needy people. He devoted his life for the well-being of downtrodden classes from the society. With an influence of the Russian Revolution and Marxist ideology, he became active social worker at young age.
          With the establishment of the state-wide 'Purogami Vidhyarthi Sanghtana', he lead the student's movement and succeeded in resolving many problems faced by the students.
          By establishing 'Mukti Sangharsh movement' Bhai Sampatrao contributed to ameliorative changes in the state's policies. This is his historic contribution to the society. He got a new direction to his social perspective from Mani Bhavan Mumbai, 'Gandhichya chotya gosthi" Hind Swarajya', and 'Satyache Prayog '.

          He received inspiration, guidance and fellowship from Mukundrao Kirloskar. He enjoyed intellectual companionship with G. P.Pradhan, B. N. Rajhans, Karmaveer Baba Amte, Malati Chinchalikar, Shirubhau Limaye, Anutai Limaye, Mohan Dharia, Vasant Bapat, Liladhar Hegde, Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari, Usha Mehta, Medha Patkar, Sanjay Sangawai, Sulbha Bramha, Ram Bapat, Baba Adhav, Nilu Phule etc. He is a high thinker and man of Action , that's why he did tremendous work in the field of mass movements, awareness building , research, eradication of drought, nature conservation, water conservation, human resources development and youth development. He has successfully completed innovative creative projects like Baliraja Smriti Dam, Agrani Rever Revival Project, Drought Redressal Program, Poverty Alleviation Program(BAP), Baba Amte Tyre dam, krantismrutivan with huge people's participation and without taking any financial help from the government.
          Bhai Sampatrao has great impact of "Gandhian life style" and he has adopted it in his own life which is visible from his thinking , clothing and actions. He did not stop just by adopting Gandhiji s in his life but actively spread those in rural communities with constructive work. Massive people's support and contribution has been the core strength of Bhai's work. That's why he could complete many social development programs without any financial support from the government.
          His vision of rural transformation can be seen from the constant efforts he makes for drought proofing. His progressive plans, people centric implementation strategies are the best guidelines for the nation to follow.
          Many innovative concepts needed for the development of the national integration and the progress of the intellectual and physical development of the society are being implemented under his valuable guidance through Ugam Foundation and krantismrutivan.
          Bhai Sampatrao, now at the age of 75, constantly thinks of the betterment of rural society. He envision eradication of drought from Rural India ... He believes in people's collective strength . With his actions he has successfully demonstrated how this collective strength can be utilised in drought mitigation, poverty alleviation which will result in building a strong nation

        मी लोकांचा सांगाती या पुस्तकात वाचा.. पुरोगामी चळवळीतील कार्यकर्ते राजकीय नेते बनू नयेत यासाठीचे चक्रव्ह्यूव... परिवर्तनवादी चळवळी पुढची खरी आव्हाने... मूल्याधारित राजकारणाच्या अध:पतनाची कारणे.... डाव्या विचाराच्या कार्यकर्त्याना अस्पृश्य बनवणा-या प्रस्तापितांच्या चाली.... पुरोगामी महाराष्ट्राने बेदखल केलेले राजकारण.... जाती उन्नयन च्या पलीकडचे समाजकारण... प्रामाणिक कार्यकर्त्याला अस्वस्थ करणारे पक्षांतर्गत राजकारण... शांततेच्या मार्गाने राज्याची धोरणे बदलू शकणाऱ्या गौरवशाली,रोमांचकारी चळवळीची यशोगाथा.. आणि पर्यायी विकास नितींच्या प्रयोगांची कहाणी... पुस्तकाचे छपाई मूल्य दोनशे पन्नास रुपये. प्रकाशन स्थळी सवलतीत दोनशे रुपयात उपलब्द...

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Awards and Honors

  • ☘ 1998- Honor from received the Chairman of Planning Commitee, Ramkrishna Hegde for the signifcant contributons made to alternatve development.
  • ☘ 1 990 - 'Sha va ki y purskar' Pune
  • ☘ 1 99 0 'Weekly Rudravani Samman' Pune
  • ☘ 2012 'Kirloskar Vasundhara Samman' Award for Nature Conservaton Work
  • ☘ 2013 'Zee anany sanman' Mumbai. For Remarkable work in Drought Preventon
  • ☘ 2013 honored by Dr. Rajendra Singh Rana, the pioneer of river rejuvenaton, 'Tarun Bharat Samman'
  • ☘ 2013 'Dai Sakal Purskar' Social Worker Honor at the hands of Narendra Jadhav
  • ☘ 2014 'Honor Icon' from Akhil bharty grahak Panchayat
  • ☘ 2014 'Punyagaurav Award', Day.Puneyagari
  • ☘ 2015 'Samaj Bhushan Award' Weekly Vajradhara Vita
  • ☘ 2015 'Samaj Bhushan' Peth Festival
  • ☘ 2015 'Odalkar Dada Award' Undale,Karad
  • ☘ 2015,31 May, 'Vajradhari sanman',Vita Honor for social work at the hands of MLA Bachu Kadu
  • ☘ 2016 'Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial book' at Hanamantwadiye
  • ☘ 2016 'Late Vasantrao Naik samayik purskar,mumbai' for poverty eradicaton BAP project hivtad
  • ☘ 2016 Sangli district administraton elected as Sangli district's 'Jangsevak'
  • ☘ 2017 'Vastyaly Purskar' Kameri,Tal-Walava
  • ☘ 2017 'Natonal Jalnayak' Bhai samptarao pawar selected as natonal 'JALNAYK' at the Natonal Water Conventon for Drought free India at Vijyapura Karnataka 16,17,18 August 20117
  • ☘ 2017 'Yashwant Jeevn Gaurav Puraskar', Vijay Day Celebraton Commitee and Karad Municipal Corporaton Karad

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