Ugam foundation is charitable organization which provides selfless service for overall development of rural areas. With the help of peoples participation are the organization has successfully implemented many innovative projects of sustainable development. All initiatives of ugam foundation are brainchild of Jalanayk Bhai Sampatrao Pawar who is working in the field of water conservation, human resources development, youth development, drought eliminations and overall rural development for past 45 years. Under the valuable guidance of the founder, the organization has been working from past seven years for following visions.


Establishing such a society which is ecologically balanced, socially and culturally just and sound, healthy democratic and where the poor are economically self reliant and enjoy an equitable and secured environment. We dream of choices, better opportunities and collaboration . To reduce the vulnerabilities of youths and their families who have become victims of Natural disaster and climate change.


  • 1. Natural conservation
  • 2. Human resources development
  • 3. Sustainable agriculture development
  • 4. Drought eradication
  • 5. National integration development
  • 6. Overall youth development For fulfilling this vision, the organization has working for the following objectives in the rural areas


  • 1) To increase the economic status of the poor and ultra poor through BAP initiative.
  • 2) To alleviate the poverty and empower the rural poor as to improve their livelihood status through undertaking various need based sustainable (development programs) income generating activities.
  • 3) Economic development of the area through the spread of entrepreneurship and science technology.
  • 4) Implementation of various initiatives for national integration, humanism, science-orientation and socialization
  • 5) Creating cultured, strong and nationalist youth by creating inspirational memorials of revolutionaries.
  • 6) Implementation of activities for the growth of agro-business.
  • 7) To implement various measures for eradicating drought.
  • 8) To develop eco-friendly cropping pattern in drought prone areas.
  • 9) Conservation of nature by creating dam and forestry.


  • ⛺ To make the personal contact to the individual poor, day laborers, unemployed community and families and to bring them under the umbrella of BAP activity.
  • ⛺ Our mission is to enable innovations to impact the poor and drought vulnerable communities through social enterprise.
  • ⛺ To creating awareness, training and inspirational support for youths.
  • ⛺ To build-up dams and develop forestry for natural conservation.